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Western Maine Youth Rabbit Person of 2005
Joshua Bishop

Josh was also elected MAINE STATE youth rabbit person of 2005.

hopping bunny

WMRBA Youth News!!

I need to let you know about one of our youth exhibitors from the Maine club, Western Maine Rabbit Breeders Association. He knew that our club was talking about fund raising so he organized his own event! Andrew Ellis is 11 years old and has loved animals ever since he was in a stroller. His parents would bring him over to see my menagerie including Jersey Woolies, Angoras and the sporadic Californian.

The animals all know him and he is starting his own rabbitry (over to my house). This week he is helping me shear the sheep and we have a rabbit show this Saturday, but you need to hear about this bunny clinic.

He organized with his paster a day and time to do a grooming and health check for bunnies in our Farmington area. He recuted his mom to make posters (nothing wrong with deligation, we should all be doing that!) Then his mom drove him around to put up 20 posters in our area. Andrew even did a radio advertizement and even the local newspaper showed up at his clinic.

People showed up with rabbits that they needed to learn how to care of while Andrew and I groomed, trimed nails, and educated the owners about cageing and nutrition.

Andrew organized the clinic with show bunnies for the public to view and paypaya tablets for all of the bunnies to go home with.

I am so impressed with this young exhibitor and I say the future of our clubs are with kids like this!

submitted by Liz Grover


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