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January 2006
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Best of Breed
Best opposite
Californian Andrew Ellis none
Holland Lop Megan Martin Megan Martin
Mini Lop Morgan Macgown Chelsea Hampton
Mini Rex Justin Dimambro Justin Dimambro
Netherland Dwarf Sydney Gurney Megan Martin
New Zealand Sarah Douglas none
Polish Matthew Macgown Morgan Macgown
Silver Marten Mason Douglas none
Tan Riley Brady none
Dutch Anthony Mandile Anthony Mandile


Best in Show - Rene Provost - Silkie
Reserve in Show - Rene Provost - American


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BEST IN SHOW - Bill and Lill Thibeault - California
Reserve in Show - Rebecca Person - English Angora

Breed Best of Breed Best Opposite
English Angora Rebecca Person Nancy Dubicki
French Angora Liz Grover Nancy Platt
Satin Angora Nancy Dubicki none
Britannia Petite Scott Stockwell Kristen Colty
Californian Bill and Lill Thibeault Bill and Lill Thibeault
Checkered Giant Kristen Colty none
Standard Chin Paul Jurgelonis Frank Kuper
Cinnamon Bill and Rachel Collison Bill and Rachel Collison
Creme D'Argent Christopher Shaughnessey Paul Jacques
Dutch Paul Jacques Anthony Mandile
Dwarf Hotot Chris Gurney Chris Gurney
English Spot Paul Jurgelonis Paul Jurgelonis
Florida White Barry Hustins Barry Hustins
Harlequin Ed Bean Ed Bean
Himalayan Cleo Hampton Cleo Hampton
Jersey Wooly
Rebecca Person Nancy Dubicki
English Lop Bill and Rachel Collison Bill and Rachel Collison
French Lop Amanda Nevers Cleo Hampton
Am. Fuzzy Lop Nancy Dubicki Nancy Dubicki
Holland Lop Pat and Val Cammack Pat and Val Cammack
Mini Lop Betty Dowd Chris Gurney
Netherland Dwarf Marylouise Cowan Marylouise Cowan
New Zealand Mike Denuzzio Mike Denuzzio
Palomino Gina Fawcett Gina Fawcett
Polish Chris Gurney Chris Gurney
Rex Laurie Mackie-Malcom Donna Bowker
Mini Rex Lisa Dimambro Roger Laurion
Satin Lisa Dimambro Lisa Dimambro
Silver Martin June Hill June Hill
Tan Sarah Brady Amy Squibb
Thrianta Erika Botman Erika Botman

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